About Girard Farm

Our mission is to provide the freshest, most delicious vegetables directly to our nieghbors through our Community Supported Agriculture or CSA shares, farm stand, and local farmers' market.

Growing healthy food requires healthy soil which is rich in humus, nutrients, and life. So we follow organic farming methods which respect natural processes. We never spray anything poisonous on our crops, even if it comes from natural sources.

We choose to grow local favorites that we know you love:

Arugula Lettuce Mix
Basil Spicy Greens
Beets Onions
Bok Choy Parsely
Broccoli Parsnips
Cabbage Paste Tomatoes
Carrots Peas
Cherry Tomatoes Radishes
Cilantro Rutatbaga
Cucumbers Salad Turnips
Dill Scallions
Eggplant Spinach
Green Beans Storage Turnips
Heirloom Tomatoes Summer Squash
Hot Peppers Sweet Peppers
Kale Swiss Chard
Lettuce Winter Squash

New crops for 2017:

Banana Peppers Napa Cabbage
Brussels Sprouts Potatoes
Cauliflower Shallots
Celery Shishito Peppers
Fennel Spaghetti Squash
Leeks Sweet Corn
Melons Sweet Potatoes
Thai Basil Thyme & Mint


34 Huff Rd.

The seedling greenhouse, farm stand, and vegetable washing station are located at our home at 34 Huff Rd.

1643 Alfred Rd.

The crops are grown at a piece of land on Rt. 111, here in Lyman.

Spreading compost
Field, fall 2015
Prepared for spring planting